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S.R.C. Engineering provides assistance in developing or improving ceramic recipes mainly for sanitary-ware bodies and glazes to reach higher yield and quality standards, starting from client's raw materials or by sourcing new ones.
Know How transfer for laboratory production methodology and, when required, for the entire process, have been provided to a number of factories worldwide and where it can be seen some of SRC lab tools, provided or realized on own drawings on board of the company services, that means SRC has been there.
Routine or specific tests on green and on fired materials include particle size analysis, rheological analysis, mechanical, thermal and microscope tests, allowing to completely characterize all of client's materials thanks to the company capabilities and experiences developed in more than 50 years of the company founder.
This full range of controls, related methodology and set up when necessary of on site labs, can be transfered to the client's personnel who is assisted in implementing the system, allowing a remote monitoring of the results applied to industrial productions.
S.R.C. thanks to its own method has monitored factories performances worldwide from Japan to Ecuador, from Siberia to Saudi Arabia, from Poland to China, the latter where the first Mr Grassi's actions started in 80s'.

Laboratory tests based on SRC methodology

On site tests supervised by client's laboratories set up by SRC

Glazes developed for new market requests and firing tests

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