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Software development


Software development

The current development in all technical fields is directly connected to the research of operational conditions aimed at maintaining and improving the industrial yields as to face an always more aggressive competitive system.
Such a market situation has involved ceramics and the production of sanitary-ware, which has worldwide a high number of producers for an average of 250.000.000 and more pieces/year produced.
S.R.C. Engineering has focused the possibility of improving the production management of the sanitaryware when carried out with traditional methods, realizing a computerized managing system, thanks to the the expertise of its partners in information technology.
I.C.S. system, Industrial Ceramics Sanitary-ware, has been completely in-house developed and it has been succesfully supplied to various sanitary-ware factories in Europe and Asia.
The fundamental characteristic of Industrial Ceramics is the production managing by means of bar codes applied to the pieces. This allows a precise sensing data and information in a computer environment giving a relevant support in implementing ISO 9001 4.8 standard relating to indentification and traceability of the product.
Thanks to the use of special labels (resistant to firing and realised according to specifications given by Industrial Ceramics Sanitary-ware) to be applied after casting, it is possible to associate to the piece all the information relating to its production cycle as to have in real time both the story of the single piece and its statistics on the production.
Coding the single pieces allows to promptly Identify potential problems in the different steps of the production cycle.
Coding the moulds from which the pieces are obtained allows to sense from statistics possible problems even in the moulds installed on the casting machines.
Production managing with Industrial Ceramics Sanitaryware can be realised with any kind of plant, from traditional to the more technologically advanced one.
Coding the product allows to easily manage piece handling having so up-to-date storage data, optimizing shipment and fulfilling all the requirements of a modern just-in-time production, allowing the best set up the production plans by monitoring performance against production forecasts.

Besides I.C.S. system, further I.T. applications and services can be supplied, providing tools and guidelines for:

* project management
* preparing project specifications,
* preparing project budgets
* negotiation support and contract writing
* timetable and resource requirements
* suppliers sourcing, scouting, auditing and managing
* obtaining quotations from suppliers and subcontractors
* suppliers quality control and standard operating procedures documentation,
* sourcing plants, machinery and products
* sourcing of spare parts
* organizing and supervising
* project monitoring
* coordinating the delivery of machinery and materials

Bar code labels application and data management

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