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The Company is based in Dormelletto, approximately 15 km from Milan Malpensa International Airport on the south-west shore of Lake Maggiore, in north west Italy and it is close to the most industrialized and technologically advanced area in Italy and in Europe, allowing easy and fast connections to and from wherever the activity asks for.

S.R.C. Engineering was established at the beginning of 2000 by Rodolfo Grassi, former technological manager of one of the largest Italian sanitary-ware manufacturing company for almost 30 years, as further step of his professional activity. Mr Grassi, previously teacher in the ceramic technical school in Milan where he was graduated in 1945, pioneering and developing in the 60's new ceramic processes and technologies mainly in sanitary-ware production, has trained throughout his career a number of technicians from all over the world.
The Company is complimented with a Team of ceramic experts including Mr Grassi's son, Riccardo, whose career spans almost 25 years of practical industrial experience.
Riccardo's technical expertise has been gained by working for years as Technical and Technological manager of medium and large sanitary-ware industries and then as business unit manager of the sanitaryware B.U. with one of the world-wide ceramic plant supplier leaders setting up of new plants and following expansion of existing plants, along with a Master's degree in Industrial Chemestry.
His experience is coupled with the one developed by his father from around the world, enabling S.R.C. Engineering to offer a wide range of solutions/services customised to suit individual client requirements and needs, thanks to a clear understanding of techniques and operations needs of the different countries where the action is required.

S.R.C. Engineering at Ceramitech, Germany

Presenting S.R.C. Engineering at Moscow's fair seminar

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